About us

F.B.I. Srl, as a new branch of the company Lamined, which has been manufacturing and supplying for about 25 years drying and holding ovens for important ovens suppliers, is specialized in the production of a new implemented range of Electrodes Drying and Keeping Ovens and Hopper Dryers for Flux which are designed, manufactured and sold directly.

The synergy of a keen technical and commercial team with a lenghty experience in the welding sector and the use of modern and leading-edge equipments, such as CNC folding-, automatic punching- and laser cutting machines, have allowed the company to win more and more the customers’ confidence and achiieve an important position in Italian and foreign market.

The main goal to satisfy any personal need and suit any  application requirement from the enduser, has brought our company to engage itself in a continuous effort towards technical innovation in the Welding Ovens paying a special attention to the used  materials in compliance with the current rules.

Our ovens are special products which can be customized to optimize and guarantee a better return of the electrodes and the flux. 

The technology of the machinery, the support of the inner Planning Departement, the Quality Control and the skilled personnel ensure a high quality standard.


F.B.I.  S.R.L.
Via Isonzo, 26 - 20050 San Damiano di Brugherio (MB) Italy
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