Our production cycle starts with an examination of the drawing and/or sample supplied by the client which is closely followed in all the various processing stages.

Our company uses a three-dimensional CAD system which is able to offer customers advice and innovative solutions aimed at the development of their product. This allows, particularly in the study phase, eliminating uncertainties and errors that could affect the final development.

We have a LASER CUTTING machine with 2,500 watts power, with a loading-unloading system. It can perform FE steel laser cutting up to 15 mm, stainless steel up to 8 mm and aluminium up to 6 mm on a 1250x2500 working area.

Everything is managed by sophisticated software systems and trained and specialised technicians.

The folding phase is carried out on CNC BENDING machines. We now have 3 electronically controlled CNC machines. Programming is directly overseen by our technicians who are able to adapt them to a high volume of work in order to meet the demands of customers in a short time.

We are able to offer both WIRE and TIG WELDING. Our personnel is qualified according to UNI ISO 9001. As we have an internal department, we can react very quickly in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Our company also takes advantage of collaborations with qualified companies in the field of surface treatments, whether galvanising or painting procedures.

Our final ASSEMBLY department guarantees precise assembly and perfect packaging together with careful care of the product.

The machinery technology, the support of the technical department, the control department and the specialised personnel allow a rigorous control of all phases of the work cycle, thus ensuring a high quality standard.


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